Project Description

Artificial/Instant Turf

It’s the one question i get asked more than any other, “What’s better, real or fake grass”? And there’s no right answer as there’s many factors to be considered like lifestyle, children, pets, etc.

Artificial grass is one of the largest markets and grown in popularity from home buyers to sporting grounds, schools and child care centers, such is it’s versatility, longevity, and no maintenance. Although it’s the pricier option, it’s come a long way from being the turquoise colour that didn’t even look like grass, to the ever popular two-tone grass, low pile that’s so realistic people often touch it to see if it’s fake.

For those who aren’t completely sold on artificial grass, natural solutions like buffalos and couches are also a popular option at a fraction of the price that still offer a high street appeal and feel. Now many species of lawns stay greener for longer in winter and are less prone disease and grubs.